Goon Squad

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Greeting Syracuse University students since 1944

What is the Goon Squad?

Since 1944, when the Traditions Commission established the Goon Squad, Goons have been helping incoming first-year and transfer students adjust to college life and spread school spirit throughout campus.  In the early days, squad members would lead cheers at football games and host such events as the annual Goon Show.  Goons also used to make sure first-year students wore their beanies, indicating first-year status.  Today, Goon Squad members are best known as the friendly group of returning students who greet first-year and transfer students as they arrive on campus and help them move into their residence halls.

Goon Squad Through the Years

The Goon Squad has been a tradition at Syracuse University since 1944 and a vital part of welcoming our new students into the Orange Family.

Goon Squad 2017: Not all heroes wear capes!Goon Squad 2016: Goons go for the gold!Goon Squad 2015: You can move it. We can help.Goon Squad 2014: 70th AnniversaryGoon Squad 2013: Get ready to jam!Goon Squad 2012: They call themselves the Goon Squad. Join the adventure!Goon Squad 2011: We're just a bunch of MOVERS and SHAKERS!Goon Squad 2010: Oh, the places you'll go! Oh, the places we've bin!Goon Squad 2009: Bin there, moved that.Goon Squad 2008: Ready, Set, GO!Goon Squad 2007: Ready, Set, GO!Goon Squad 2006: Slice of SU LifeGoon Squad 2005: Slice of SU LifeGoon Squad 2004: Goon Squad Moving Co.Goon Squad 2003: Goon 44Goon Squad 2002: Let's go Orange!Goon Squad 1990sGoon Squad 1980sGoon Squad 1970sGoon Squad 1960s