On-Campus Living

Move-In and Check-In

North Campus residence halls

When you arrive on campus, your first stop should be your residence hall. At the main desk or check-in point of each residence hall, you will receive your SU I.D. card (if you uploaded your photo prior to coming to campus), room key, and important information.

South Campus SkyHalls

All SkyHall residents should first go to SkyHall II, 420 Lambreth Lane, where the main desk for the SkyHalls is located. You will receive your SU I.D. card (if you uploaded your photo prior to coming to campus), room key, and important information.

South Campus Apartments

Residents of South Campus apartments should go to the Goldstein Student Center, 401 Skytop Road. You will receive your apartment keys, mailbox key, and important information.

For more information about the new student student move-in process, visit the New Student Move-In page.

About your room

Once you receive your housing and roommate assignment we recommend that you visit the Facility Information page and take a look at building floor plans to get a sense of your hall's layout.  All student rooms are furnished with a bed (extra-long twin 36”x80”), dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet or wardrobe for each student.

View photos of the inside of your residence hall on the Residence Hall Photos page.

What to bring, what not to bring

Certain items are not allowed in the residence halls.  Review the list of prohibited items, as well as encouraged items to start your Syracuse packing list.  Download the printable What to bring, What not to bring list.

Download the printable packing list

Note: this is not a comprehensive list, but an idea to start your personalized packing list. 

Housing Policies

Residence halls open for new student move-in on Tuesday, August 21; Wednesday, August 22; and Thursday, August 23.

Two-Year Housing Requirement

Syracuse University requires you to reside in University housing during your first two years of enrollment at the University, as you enter your first year. You will be held financially responsible for the cost of University housing attributable to those mandatory periods even if you fail to occupy University housing as required by University policy. For more information on this policy, see the Terms and Conditions of Student Housing.


Please understand that the University will not grant room changes for any reason prior to your arrival on-campus. Both room and roommate assignments for new students are random.  We realize that sharing a living space with someone new can create anxiety and stress for some but we’re hopeful that you will be able to connect with your new roommate prior to coming to campus to get to know them.

For more information about housing policies, visit the Housing, Meal Plan and ID Card Services website.

Your Roommate and Housing Assignment

Room and roommate assignments are emailed to you on Friday, July 13, 2018.  However, students who apply for housing after June 1 risk a delay in receiving their housing assignment/roommate notification by up to two weeks. Your assignment reflects a random placement into one of 14 residential facilities on both our North and South campuses. All new first year students are placed on North Campus while new transfer students are placed into our transfer student communities located within Brewster Hall and the South Campus Skyhalls.

Shipping and Mailing

During new student move-in:

Deliveries will be available for student pickup from your residence hall's main desk starting on Tuesday, August 21. Do not ship anything you will need immediately.

Address each package to yourself (see the sample below) and include the day (Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday) you wish to pick up your packages. Do NOT include "Syracuse University" in the shipping address.

Your Name
Residence hall and room number
Street address
Syracuse, NY 13244
Thursday, August 23

For exact street addresses of residential facilities go to the Office of Residence Life's website.

Packages will be accepted from the shipping company at residence hall main desks as of Friday, August 17. Do not ship your belongings more than 5 days in advance of your move-in date.  Due to exceptionally limited storage space we ask that you arrange with your shipper for the packages to be delivered after your arrival on campus. Otherwise, they risk being returned to the sender.

During the academic year:

Your shipping and mailing address is shown on your housing assignment confirmation. Do not include “Syracuse University” in your mailing address.

At the residence halls, your address is:

Your name
Residence hall and box number
Street address
Syracuse, NY 13210

For exact street addresses of residential facilities, click here.

You will be assigned a mailbox at your residence hall check in.

For South Campus apartments:

Your name
Building number and street name
Apartment number
Syracuse, NY 13210

All South Campus apartments have mailbox clusters for mail delivery. They are located close to apartments and along walkways and driveways. Each apartment is assigned a mailbox. Residents are issued mailbox keys at check-in. Clusters also contain package delivery boxes for large items. 

Linens, Laundry, Housekeeping and Storage


You will need to bring your own bed linens, pillows, and towels to campus. Bed linens, blankets, and towels are also available for purchase at the SU Bookstore.


Clothes washers and dryers are available in all residence halls and are operated by coin or a PLUS account. The University Bookstore offers a dry cleaning service.


A full-time University housekeeping staff employed by FIXit cleans lounges, public bathrooms, and other public areas seven days a week. You are responsible for cleaning your own room. Vacuums may be borrowed at your residence hall main desk.


There is no storage in the residence halls or South Campus apartments for the summer or a semester abroad. Lazybones is the University's official storage company for students. To sign up for storage services or get more information, go to www.mylazybones.com or call 877-215-2105.