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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is new student orientation?

    Syracuse Welcome 2018, Syracuse University's new student orientation program officially begins on Thursday, August 23, 2018, through Sunday, August 26, 2018.

  2. When can I move-in? How do I sign up?

    New domestic students are able to move in to their on-campus housing assignments on Tuesday, August 21; Wednesday, August 22; or Thursday, August 23.

    To ensure a smooth arrival and move-in, all new residential students must register for and print their Arrival and Parking Pass. Students will rank their preferences for their move-in date when they register for Syracuse Welcome, new student orientation.  Students will be assigned a move-in date and time based on their preferences in mid-July and be emailed their Arrival and Parking Pass.

  3. How does the move-in process work?

    1. Arrive on campus following the printed directions in the Syracuse Welcome Guide.
    2. Display a printed copy of your Arrival and Parking Pass in your vehicle’s dashboard at all times and follow the directions provided by the public safety and parking staff members to enter the holding line for your specific residence hall.
    3. You will be directed when you reach the front of the holding line to unload your car and move your belongings to your room. A legal driver must stay with the vehicle at all times.
    4. When your vehicle is empty, you will be directed to park in a designated location. You should continue to move-in while the driver parks.
    5. Get settled in your residence hall and participate in all Syracuse Welcome events!
  4. How do I access my NetID, SU Email, and MySlice account?

    Information Technology and Services (ITS) provides a wide range of computing services for students.  Access to these services is controlled through the NetID and password. Students who have not activated their NetID are encouraged to do so before they arrive on campus. The process is simple and can be done online at  You will need your SUID Number to activate your NetID. 

    Your SUID number is a nine digit number located on your Intent To Register Form. If you did not record this number, you can request it from the Office at Admissions via e-mail at

    Syracuse University’s online and network systems enable you to manage business matters like financial aid, course registration, and seeing your grades. As an SU student, you’ll also get an e-mail account ending in But before you do any of that, you’ll need to get familiar with our computing systems. Here’s how to get started.


    Access to the University’s computing network and services is controlled by a unique personal identifier—the NetID. If you have not activated your NetID, do so now. It’s simple to activate your NetID and create a password from your home computer by visiting  You will need your SUID to activate your NetID.  Your SUID number can be found on the letter you received from SU Financial Aid.  NOTE: Although your SUID card contains a ten-digit number, use only the first nine digits. If you did not record this number, you can request it from the Office at Admissions via e-mail at

    Important: Never share your password with anyone. Nobody at Syracuse University, including Information Technology and Services (ITS), will ever ask for your password. Do not respond to any requests to reveal your password or other private information, including online and e-mail requests. Treat your password like the PIN for your ATM card – a well-guarded secret.
    Once your NetID is activated you’ll have access to a wide range of computing services and facilities.


    This is your virtual gateway to life at SU. You can use it to view the online course catalog, register for classes, view grades, and request transcripts. You can also access financial aid, tuition, housing and meal plan information and services through MySlice. Consider configuring MySlice to share pieces of your access with others, like your parents. You can share access on your bursar account, financial aid, class schedule, and more.


    Official e-mail accounts for students are established in a system called SUmail. The University manages SUmail, which utilizes Microsoft’s Live@edu e-mail service.

    Syracuse University has established e-mail as a primary vehicle for official communication with students, faculty, and staff. An official e-mail address is established and assigned by Information Technology and Services (ITS) for each registered student, and current faculty and staff member. Check your account often; all University communications sent via e-mail will be sent to this address.  SUmail log in: Note: SUmail utilizes Microsoft's Live@edu services. When asked for your "Windows Live ID" or user name, use your official SU email address (

  5. How long should I stay as a parent or family member?

    Syracuse University hosts a parent welcome meeting and various parent informational sessions on Thursday, August 23 from approximately 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Parents and family members are also invited to attend New Student Convocation and the Syracuse Welcome Picnic on Thursday evening.  Some schools and colleges will host meetings and receptions for parents and family members to attend on Friday morning.  All parents and family members are encouraged to leave campus by noon on Friday, August 24th.

  6. How does housing work at Syracuse University?

    All first-year students are randomly assigned to any number of residence halls on main campus.  Students who elect to live in a learning community or who mutually select a roommate will likely have those requests honored.  Students cannot select a residence hall or a specific room type though.  If you have any medical conditions that may require a specific room type, that is at the discretion of the Housing Office in consultation with the Office of Disability Services.

  7. What type of communication will I receive from your office?

    Our new student orientation specific website, ReadySet will go live on May 1.  It is designed to help you through a guided checklist on what you need to do to prepare for your arrival on campus. This will include registration information, what to bring to campus, computing information, important deadlines, and information about campus resources.  It is very important that you follow the checklist so you can be fully prepared for SU in August!

    The ReadySet New Student Newsletter will be sent to all new students at their email addresses on Wednesdays bi-weekly May through June, and weekly July through August.  Important deadlines, information and updates will be included in each issue.  You don't want to miss this important information!  Each issue of the newsletter will be archived on the ReadySet website for easy reference.

    Last, if we have any updates or other important information to share, we will be emailing students directly from our email account-  They should be sure to regularly check their official Syracuse University email address during the summer.

  8. Will there be upper division students helping me in my transition to SU?

    Yes, in addition to the Goon Squad to help with move-in, we also have several other upper division students to help ease the transition for your student.  We have 44 orientation leaders who will be around at every event and at all the residence halls.  They are highly trained to know SU and orientation well so please feel free to ask them questions.  There will also be a number of staff volunteers to also assist with any questions you have.  Each school and college will also have a number of student peer advisors to help with any registration or advising questions you might have. 
  9. Are there any tests I need to take before I arrive?

    Some schools and colleges, depending on your program, will require a mathematics placement exam.  That is all available online for you to take.  Also if you are taking a foreign language course, you may need to take a foreign language placement exam.  Because this is all dependent on which school or college you are in, it is recommended that you wait until the summer to see if you need to take it.
  10. Do you have a list of things to bring and things that are not allowed?

    Yes, we have a complete list of things we recommend bring as well as items that are against SU policy.  The list can be found on the ReadySet website.

  11. Is there a common reading?

    No, we do not have summer/common reading at Syracuse University.
  12. What support do you offer transfer students?

    We offer social programs for transfers throughout the year including a transfer transitions leader program.  The leaders are former transfer students who plan social and educational events for new transfer students to ease their transition to the university.  We also send monthly e-newsletters to all transfer students.

  13. Can first year students have a car?

    No, first-year students are not allowed to however if you have a medical condition, commute from home, or have other extenuating circumstances, you can fill out a petition with the Parking and Transit Services Office.

    *Transfer students are able to have a car but they will need to purchase a permit through mySlice.